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This is a great mix of some of my favorite alternative songs from my teen years that still sound okay to me now... and of course all the songs chosen fall within the runnable category in terms of BPM. Bands included in this mix are X, the Jam, Adam and the Ants, the Church, the Cult, Jim Carroll, and New Order. I started the mix with a very catchy song I'd totally forgotten about - "World Destruction" by Afrika Bambaataa and John Lydon. Coming up soon is a more standard 80s Pop running mix. To get individual songs on this mix or to download the whole thing visit here:

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Here's the BPM track listing:

Word Destruction 140
Anything 154
Age of Consent 165
Reptile 157
Dark Entries 170
Stand and Deliver 143
Spirit Walker 163
Go! 175
Blister in the Sun 188
Mirror in the Bathroom 170
I Wanna Be Sedated 163
Boys Don't Cry 169
People Who Died 187
This Corrosion 152
Alex Chilton 165
Going Underground 178
Spellbound 148
Los Angeles 184
Hairdresser on Fire 135