80s New Wave Running Music Playlist
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This mix is comprised of music that is most easily identified with the New Wave genre. Some of these songs fit in either the alternative or pop genres as well. Some of the artists on the mix are Soft Cell, the Eurythmics, Bow Wow Wow, Berlin, Peter Gabrel, Squeeze, the Cure, Catholic Girls, Flock of Seagulls, Devo, and the B-52s.

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Here are the track listings by BPM:

Space Age Love Song 140
Tainted Love 143
Just Like Heaven 153
Right by Your Side 167
The Metro 170
Girl You Want 171
Do You Wanna Hold Me 139
Sex Dwarf 149
Cool Places 162
Is That Love 164
Always Something There to Remind Me 149
Don''t Change 165
C''est Impossible 158
Christine 160
Give Me Back My Man 165
Reptile 157
Shock The Monkey 148