Best of 2009 Running Music Mix
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This mix has twenty of my favorite new running songs released in 2009. A little bit of pop, a little hip-hop, and a lot of really good alternative tracks.

This mix features The Grizzly Bears, Future of the Left, Bat for Lashes, Metric, Junior Boys, Morrisey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mos Def, La Roux, Phoenix, and Pearl Jam, among others.

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Here's the BPM track listings for the mix:

Daniel     136 bp (warm-up)
Gold Guns Girls    182 bpm
Parallel Lines    174 bpm
Stillness Is the Move    152 bpm
The Fixer     148 bpm
Armistice    150 bpm
Life In Marvelous Times    175 bpm
Arming Eritrea     170 bpm
Fangela    169 bpm
Dominos    176 bpm
Don't Haunt This Place    167 bpm
Golden Phone    180 bpm
Two Weeks    162 bp
Something Is Squeezing My Skull     158 bp
In for the Kill     150 bpm
I Hate My Job     145 bpm
Knock You Down    156 bpm
Ignorance    172 bpm
I Knew    160 bpm
Runaway    166 bpm