Best Running Music of 2010

Oh it's been a very good year for running music.  I've been working on this mix for the last month or so... testing, adding, and removing songs on my daily runs.  I've narrowed the new music down to 30 great songs.  One thing I've noticed is that this mix features a pretty high percentage of songs in the 170+ range.  This is because over the last year or two I've been able to increase my stride rate to the more desirable 180ish range.  If you don't run at this fast a pace, you might try downloading some songs in the higher range and use them from time to time to increase your steps per minute (if that is one of your training goals).  

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I'm going to include a list of my top 10 ranked in order just for fun.  Below that you'll find my complete BPM listing of the 30 songs found on the iTunes mix below as usual.

1. Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National / 157 bpm)
This is my favorite running song of the year.  It's a melancholy yet catchy, with a driving beat that's fun to run to.  It's number one on my list this year because it always perks me up no my long runs when it comes on.  What more do you want in a running song?
2. Bang Bang Bang  (Mark Ronson & The Business Intl / 185 bpm)
This is a charming, frothy pop tune with an edge that is a joy to run too - it's fast.  I like it for down hills where I'm trying to increase my turnover rate.
3. Power (Kanye West / 154 bpm)

Oh Kanye, you are bananas.  But you make some great music.  And this song is a very runnable 154 BPM.  This song is a great "Power Song".  Runaway, another Kanye track, made the
4. Animal   (Neon Trees  / 149 bpm)
This totally catchy alternative track has one of the slower BPM's on the list.  I love it early in my runs, just after a short walking warm-up.
5. Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)  (B.o.B / 165 bpm)
This is an adorable little poppy hip hop song featuring Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.  Great, great beat.
6. Good Intentions Paving Co. (Joanna Newsom / 175 bpm)
I love love love Joanna Newsom.  I really loved her last record Ys with its crazy epic narrative songs.  Her new record features some more straightforward tunes including this great track.
7. Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) (Janelle Monae / 169 bpm)
Janelle Monae is one of my favorite new artists.  This is a great upbeat pop / R&B number.
8. Ambling Alp (Yeasayer / 144 bpm)
This is a quirky alt song with a clean pop beat.  Its quite charming and fun to run to.
9. Cold War  (The Morning Benders / 158 bpm)
A poppy-indie song with jangly guitars and a sense of motion... perfect for road travel.
10. The High Road (Broken Bells / 163 bpm)
It took a few listens for me to really dig this song, but after a while I was always happy when it came on during a run. To me this is all I need in a running song.


Bloodbuzz Ohio     157 bpm
Bang Bang Bang     185 bpm
Power     154 bpm
Animal     149 bpm
Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)     165 bpm
Good Intentions Paving Co.      175 bpm
Tightrope (feat. Big Boi)     169 bpm
Ambling Alp     144 bpm
Cold War     158 bpm
The High Road     163 bpm
O Lilac     153 bpm
Say No to Love     159 bpm
Giving Up On Love      157 bpmm
Ready to Start     192 bpm
This Is War     160 bpm
Soldier of Love     182 bpm
Infinity Guitars     158 bpm
Animal Arithmetic    163 bpm
Everlasting Light    180 bpm
Bright Lit Blue Skies     167 bpm
Runaway     174 bpm
I Can't Wait    167 bpm
For the First Time    176 bpm
Taxi Cab     166 bpm
Scissor Runner     159 bpm
Not Afraid     175
Pretty Girl Rock     161 bpm
Funeral Song     167 bpm
Up All Night     157 bpm