New Running Songs by BPM at
Subject: New Running Songs by BPM at
Send date: 2009-05-30 06:35:08
Issue #: 1
Content: Update Newsletter
New Mixes & Songs added to Our Collection of Great Running Music by BPM
New Mix: 180 BPM Speed Training Mix

I've gotten a lot of requests from people wanting songs in the 180 BPM range to help them increase their stride rate in order to run faster. I've put together a great mix of old and new songs that are very motivating... check out the mix and learn more about increasing your stride rate.
New Artist Mix: 5 Great Running Songs from the Smiths

If you're note familiar with the music of the Smiths, or if they are old favorites, I recommend you check out the 5 songs from the Smiths that I've chosen from their catalog that make great running tunes. The songs fall between 151 and 188 BPM
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