Dreamy Late Summer Running Music MIx
Dreamy Late Summer Running Music Mix icon This mix features songs that have a dreamy quality... some are warm and nostalgic, some are shiny and melancholy like the last few days of summer.  The songs are mix of mostly poppy alternative from the 80s to the present.

Bands Featured in this mix are Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, the Evangelicals, Mazy Star, Beck, the Flaming Lips, Keri Hilson, and one of my new favorites, Lightning Dust

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La la La     128 bpm (warm-up)
Honey In the Sun     145 bpm
Just Like Heaven     152 bpm
Listen to the Vacuum     165 bpm
I Knew     157 bpm
Knock You Down     155 bpm
Silver Trembling Hands     162 bpm
The Boy with the Arab Strap     143 bpm
Long Hot Summer     175 bpm
Take Your Mama     154 bpm
Midnight Vignette     170 bpm
Lorelei     183 bpm
I Want You Back     184 bpm
Fade Into You     158 bpm
Tropicalia     162