Neo Soul Running Music Mix
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For those of you looking for a more soulful run, I have put together a playlist of some of my favorite "neo-soul" and new R&B tunes. In general songs that fall into this category (and dance as well) are unlikely to be in the 145-185 optimum BPM range for running. But these tunes are runnable (I had to roadtest this mix a couple times), although they often are run double-time. But they all have a strong double-beat (not sure what that's called) and work well for running.

Artist's for the mix include India.Arie, Cody Chesnutt, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Remy Shand, Lauren Hill, Res, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys and others.

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Here is the BPM track listing for this mix:
talk to her 74/148
girl next door 78/156
superwoman 81/162
video (main) 85/170
i try - 72/152
take a message 80/160
five on a joyride 74/148
waterfalls 86/172
still ray 84/168
afrodite 182
do you feel me 166
whatever 86/172
i've known the garden 176
mama knew love 80/160
can't take my eyes of of you 89/178
do you like the way 88/176
smiley faces 174