Replacements Running Mix


Few bands make so many consistently runnable good songs. I have pulled my favorite running tracks from my favorite four Replacements albums to make this very catchy, beat driven mix. Check it out in iTunes at:
The Replacements Running iMix


Here are the BPMs for the songs on the mix:

Waitress in the Sky - 133
Can't Hardly Wait - 142
I Will Dare - 160
Alex Chilton - 163
Left of the Dial - 155
Bastards of the Young - 143
Kiss Me on the Bus - 167
Hold My Life - 172
Little Mascara - 142
The Ledge - 157
Skyway - 163
We'll Inherit the Earth - 152
I.O.U. - 185
Talent Show - 150
Answering Machine - 147
Androgynous - 102

This mix is fairly long at 54 min, so even if you remove those that are too fast or too slow for your pace, you'll still have a lot to work with. First and last songs are slower for warm-up and cool down, but please follow your own warm-up and cool down routine to ensure a safe run.