What BPM for Me?

I have loosely categorized songs into running speed/workout type. You of course may find my categories do not apply to your workout speed, but once you find the bpm range that work for you you can adjust accordingly. Also, you might find this page on exercise pacing with music, which lists steps per minute for various activities and fitness

My categorization (based on a recreational jogger who varies pace somewhat based on terrain) is as follows:

115 to 129 - Brisk Walking, Treadmill w/ Incline, or Eliptical Trainer with resistance
130 to 144 - Warm-up, Mellow Jogging, Eliptical Trainer w/ resistance
145 to 159 - Jogging
160 to 174 - Moderate Jogging
175 to 200 - Running / Downhill / Speedwork

f you are an athelete, you should check out the link above for more approprate pacing. I prefer to mix pacing to some degree on my own workouts, and make separate playlists for long uphills or short "tempo" type runs.